The College of Our Lady of Fatima

Fatima College is a Roman Catholic boys’ secondary school in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. It was established in 1945 and has an enrollment of over 900 students. The school was established and is run by the Congregation of the Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost Fathers), an international Roman Catholic religious community. The College of Our Lady of Fatima has a strong tradition of striving for excellence having a high reputation in the arts, sports, and in academia.

Fatima’s tradition and culture encourages a family spirit amongst its staff members, students and parents. It is this spirit that allows Fatima College to remain dedicated to producing young men with an all-round education.


Mission and Philosophy

Fatima College is a Roman Catholic boys’ secondary school which seeks to provide a nurturing environment where young men strive to achieve their full potential – spiritually, morally, physically, and academically. Our motto, Nitendo Vinces (By Striving we Shall Conquer), embodies the essence of Fatima College. With a firm faith in God and a resolve to succeed in the face of all challenges, our community seeks to help in young men journey towards the ultimate triumph, that of eternal joy in the presence of God. Guided by the Holy Spirit and through the constant intercession of Our Lady, Fatima aims at excellence in the arts, applied and social sciences, humanities,  and sports. Our aim is to cultivate in each young man a whole person in the context of the Gospels. Thus, with the life of Christ firmly in view as his model, the Fatima Boy should have a keen eye on preserving family life, caring for the marginalized, respect for all beliefs, and working for justice and peace. We, like other schools founded by the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, refuse to accept that the sole purpose of education is job training. Rather, the young man at the College of Our Lady of Fatima should be developing his God-given talents and skills, his will and his resolve in pursuit of truth.

The words of our daily prayer after lunch should ring true throughout the life of a Fatima Boy:

Oh God of Truth,
From whom every good thought comes,
Help us in our studies,
Help us to read more carefully, and listen to Your wisdom more humbly.
Teach us to realize that every discovery of truth is a discovery of You,
And the more we learn of Your laws and Your ways, the nearer we are brought to an understanding of Your Divine Being. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

It is by striving daily at school life and encountering many discoveries that the young Fatima lad discovers God. Our hope is that his classroom discoveries, together with those on the playing field and on the stage, will eventually help him to see all of God’s creation as it was meant to be – Gifts from our Father for us to enjoy. This is the essence of our college.

School Vision & Mission Statement

1.  Vision Fatima College seeks the holistic development of young men by preparing them for success in their lives and enabling them to contribute meaningfully to the society in which they live. 2.  Mission Statement Fatima College is a Catholic institution where we seek to provide an appropriate and caring environment for students to strive …

History Of Fatima College

It was Fr. Francis Flavin O.P. of St. Theresa’s Church in Woodbrook, who recognised the need for an additional Catholic college in north Trinidad.  However, it was Fr. Meenan C.S.Sp., bursar of St. Mary’s College, to build and staff a new college named in honour of Our Lady of Fatima. With the co-operation of Fr. …

School Song

  Fatima boys come answer to the call From far and wide Shoulder to shoulder ever marching on God be our guide Fearless and true Loyal to you O Alma Mater firmly one Strive on Fatima boys Strive on   Composed by: His Grace the Archbishop Most Reverend Anthony Pantin (R.I.P.) during his tenure at …

Holy Ghost Fathers

The Congregation of the Holy Spirit (Congregation of the Holy Spirit under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, or in Latin, Congregatio Sancti Spiritus sub tutela Immaculati Cordis Beatissimae Virginis Mariae, and thus abbreviated C.S.Sp.) is a Roman Catholic congregation of priests,lay brothers, and since Vatican II, lay associates. Congregation members are known as Spiritans in Continental Europe, and as the Holy …

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