Fatima Student Highlight: Upper 6 Artists!

Derron Arrindell and Che Yallery

At Fatima College, there are numerous talents which aren’t in the spotlight simply because there aren’t much media for them to shine in our culture. As you must have realized from viewing many of the pages on the website, Fatima is inundated with a vast array of talent and thanks must be given to God! One of these talents is that of art. Not everyone has the eye for meticulous details in paintings, drawings and the passion for harnessing this skill, but Fatima College has several persons whose works cannot be described using words. Some pieces of art are so extravagant that a photograph of it, still doesn’t capture it’s magnificence!



In this article Fatima College would be highlighting two of it’s 2011 Upper-six artistically-gifted students: Derron Arrindell and Che Yallery who have distinct personalities and art-styles.

We shall begin with Derron Arrindell. Upon inquiring about his talent and why he opted to pursue it academically, he recalled his conversation with Fr. Gregory:  “I distinctly recall asking Father Gregory if it was possible for me to do art alone, but he told me it was mandatory to do 4 subjects.” While some may find this amusing, it just proves to underscore that there are some students whose goal is to groom their talents and Fatima helps them in all the ways we can . Derron added that In his art he spends a lot of time and effort into the smallest details and while he may never be satisfied with the end result, many  disagree and compliments follow his art wherever he may go. When interrogating about his favourite artist, he was hesitant and even indicated that he had none. However, after much persuading he muttered the name “Nico Di Mattia” whose work is well known! Need I remind you of that YouTube video of speed-painting the famous picture of Megan Fox?


The next budding Fatima artist to be highlighted is none other than Che Yallery, who was given the award for topping the school in Unit 1 CAPE last year for Art & Design. Ironically he indicated that “My passion is art. Art isn’t a subject to me.  Anyone can study a subject but not everyone can be a master at a craft.” Not many students would study physics or accounts and utter these heart-felt words of love for what they are doing but Che does. He takes a lot of interest in realistic art and fantasy scenery. Graphical art works are his favourite types as photo manipulation brings to reality different ideas that seemed only possible in one’s mind! Once again, I asked who was his favourite artist, he joked, “There is one artist that inspires me to be  the best. I look at his work and strive to become better that artist. The artist I speak of is none other than myself.”