Skateboarding- Some students’ new way to strive!

Skateboarding has become a growing and thriving tradition in Fatima College. Although the skaters in Fatima are few in number, we still enjoy our luncheon interval and after school sessions a lot . Personally, I was inspired to take up skating when I entered the college, all those years ago in Form 1. I distinctly recall admiring the senior students with their skateboards doing all sorts of tricks. I then made a promise to myself to practise and get as good as they one day. Many years later, I can say that I have lived up to my dream and I am quite proud of my skills thus far. I know that there is much I can and will improve on in the future but I am glad to know that I have achieved one of my dreams in life!

Presently, the other skaters with whom I spend hours developing my skills on Fatima’s steps and in the car-park include: Jeremy Dookwah, Charles Carvalho, Ross Gordon, and Johann Greene. Sometimes, we come together and make skate videos for Youtube and Facebook which I am sure you may have seen. Also, we get lots of support from our friends who sit and spectate during our skate sessions. Thanks to the brotherly compliments, they encourage us to learn new tricks and we often put a show for them. Our small group practices a lot everyday, trying to get better and better at skating. If interested bring a board and come join us!

Antonio Achee