Form 1’s Registration 2011

On Friday 8th July 2011, Registration and Orientation for the new Form 1 students was held. As usual it was a memorable day for all those involved. The ceremony quickly began with the Opening Prayer by the Vice Principal Miss Annie Gomes Phillips and opening remarks by Principal Father Gregory Augustine.

From the moment the new students entered the compounded and walked toward the Hall they were greeted by distinct aroma of cupcakes creatively arranged in the crest of the College. This was not only an extremely tasty decoration but it was symbolic of the sweet experience Fatima College could be.

At the event, there were a variety of speakers each discussing their facet of the college and welcoming the parents and students: Mr. cooper went first then, the Parent Support Group’s President Dr. Derreck Louisang, followed by: Fatima Old Boys Association’s Vice President and lastly Fatima College’s Head Prefect: Chad Wallace. The speakers were separated by memorable performances from Fatima College’s Junior and Senior Choir. Conducted by Mr. Kwasi Noel and accompanied by Ms. Myrtle Cumberbatch on the piano they presented three songs each which outshone the last, ending with the unforgettable remix of the popular song for FIFA’s World Cup: “Waka Waka” making it “This time for Fatima!”

After the ceremony at the Hall, students were ushered to their new Form 1 classes where they met their new Form teachers: Ms. Cumberbatch, Ms. Roberts, Ms. Samlal and Mr. Mc. Master. There the respective teachers broke the ice and allowed the students the opportunity to introduce themselves. The form teachers also enlightened the students on some of the rules at our college. While the students did this the parents were registering them in different classes. It was there that they received a copy of the newly published 2009-2011 yearbook.

There was a large turn out by staff members, scouts and prefects to greet the students and welcome them to their new school. Friday 8th July 2011 was indeed a memorable day!