Fatima College Invitational Development Track Meet 2011

The inaugural Fatima College Invitational Development Track Meet took place on Sunday 20th November, 2011 at the Fatima College grounds. Over 80 athletes from six (6) schools participated at what is expected to be a regular fixture in the secondary schools’ athletic calendar. Budding first and second formers, together with more established high school track athletes from Bishop Anstey High School, Holy Name Convent, St. Joseph’s Convent (POS), Belmont Boys’ Secondary School, St. Anthony’s College, and hosts Fatima College, exhibited their talents on a well-groomed grass track. The weather was perfect for this meet, as the heavy rains of the previous day gave way to brilliant sunshine and a cool breeze. Proceedings began promptly at 10:15 with the 4x100m relays and progressed steadily to the final event, the 4x200m races, at 12:45 in the afternoon. Parents, coaches and athletes commented that the meet was well organized and races were exciting. At least one coach has indicated that they would like to stage a similar meet next term. This can only augur well for Trinidad and Tobago athletics. We look forward to more track meets of this nature soon.

Here are some of the results:


Girls under-15: 1-Bishop Anstey ‘A’ (58.64) 2- Bishop Anstey ‘B’ (1:00.24)

Boys under-15: 1-St. Anthony’s (52.98) 2- Fatima (53.65) 3- Belmont (59.97)

Boys under-17: 1-St. Anthony’s (49.7) 2- Fatima (51.23) 3- Belmont (55.75)

Girls over-15: 1-St. Joseph’s ‘A’ (56.94) 2- Bishop Anstey (57.54) 3- St. Joseph’s ‘B’ (58.8)

Boys over-17: 1-St. Anthony’s (46.66) 2- Fatima (47.15)

Sprint medley (100m, 100m, 200m, 400m)

Girls open: 1-St. Joseph’s (2:05.93) 2-Bishop Anstey (2:10.32) 3-Holy Name (2:18.87)

Boys open: 1-Fatima (Gold) (1:43.34) 2-Belmont (1:45.34) 3-Fatima (Blue) (1:53.82)


Girls open: 1-St. Joseph’s (2:02.08) 2-Bishop Anstey (2:02.32) 3-Holy Name (2:11.42)

Boys open: 1-Fatima (Gold) (1:50.3) 2-Fatima (Blue) (2:09.57) 3-Fatima (White) (2:12.14)


 Fatima Top Performers

There were excellent pre-season runs from:

* Liam De Verteuil Form 2-1

* Joshua Gooding Form 2-2

* Joshua Garcia Form 2-2

* Jordan Moses Form 2-3

* Abraham Simpson Form 2-4

* Jonathan Casimire Form 3-1

* Graeme Felix Form 3-2

* Marquise Hoyte Form 3-2

* Xavier Mulugata Form3-3

* Matthew Armstrong-Hollingsworth Form4-1

* Trey Hart Form 6

* Nahshon Rullow Form 6



Much appreciation goes to:

* Mr. Albert King (Coach of Belmont Boys Secondary and meet coordinator) and his officiating team

* Mr. Ron Faria (track preparation)

* Marlon Rahim (Parent)

* Juliet Pantin (Parent)

* Fatima Track parents

* Mr. Songie (AV Tech) and his crew

* Fatima athletes who did not compete but volunteered their services

* Mrs. Phillips (vice-principal)

* Principals, athletes and coaches of

o Bishop Anstey High School

o Holy Name Convent

o St. Joseph’s Convent (POS)

o Belmont Boys Secondary School

o St. Anthony’s College

* All the competing Fatima Athletes

* Fatima College security guards

* FOBA and,

* Fr. Augustine


Thank you all for the encouragement and support.