Fatima College wins 2012 schools’ 4k Queen’s Park Savannah Relay

On Saturday, 24th March, 2012FATIMACOLLEGE were victorious at the schools 4k relay race hosted by theTrinidad and Tobago InternationalMarathon (TTIM) Committee. The race which was open to athletes 15 years and under began at 3 p.m. oppositeWhitehall as part of a weekend festival of running, culminating in the TTIM Marathon on the following day.


The relay started promptly with the teams running along the road around the Queen’s Park Savannah. Fatima’s lead-off runner, Abraham Simpson (Form 2-4) gave our college such an advantage that by the time he handed the baton to Keanu Otero (Form 3-3) in front of President’s House, the other competitors were just rounding the curve heading to the zoo! Keanu presented an even bigger lead to Joshua Gooding (Form 2-2), the youngest of our four athletes at just 13, and by the time Antonio Wallace (Form 3-4) headed from the All Saint’s church the announcer was already saying thatFATIMACOLLEGE had won the race. The team finished in a good time of 13 minutes 33 seconds capturing the overall title as well as the secondary schools title.

Well done young men!!