Fatima College Rugby Team

Under 14 TeamThis past year has been nothing but the best for the team and I. Fatima College’s Rugby team has shown exemplar performance during our last season, continuing the undefeated streak of the previous season. This year was the year Fatima’s U-17 team dominated the Digicel School’s Rugby tournament, winning the majority of the games a large sum to nil. However success didn’t only flow through the U-17 team but also the U-14 who also won all their games giving them an undefeated slate as well. Fatima put out three teams to take part in the tournament hosted by Digicel; two U-17 teams and one U-14 team. The U-17 A-team went on to have an undefeated streak throughout the league winning all their games with a substantial score behind their name. They along with the U-17 B-team advanced all the way to the quarter finals of the tournament. Unfortunately the B-team took a loss preventing a long sought after Fatima vs. Fatima final. Also at that time the U-14 team blazed through their league, captained by Jordan Rodriguez. The eventual outcome led to Fatima U-17 facing off against C.I.C. and Fatima U-14 versus Belmont Secondary in the finals. These matches were held on C.I.C’s home grounds. The U-14s came out of their game victors with a display of excellent attack and defense throughout the entire game that seemed disadvantageous as their opponents were bigger and faster at first glance but this wasn’t an issue for them. Their end result was a nail-biting 3-0. The U-17 displayed their well-developed chemistry, playing their hardest as this final match was different to any other. With a win in this game, Fatima would have won the Digicel School’s Rugby tournament three years in a row, so everything was on the line. Without a doubt they were victorious in their effort with the final score settling at 39-0. Being double victors once more after two years was their most impressive feat for Fatima’s Rugby Teams. It wasn’t easy for Fatima to reach where we are now. It took the dedication of the Coaches Geoffrey Edghill, Graham Chin and Kevin Wells who pushed us to achieve and conquer in all 704783_10151160629006801_1118433409_oour endeavors. During this year, 2012, many of Fatima’s players have done more than represent their school, they have represented the country on the National U-19 team, that took part in the North American Caribbean Rugby Association’s U-19 tournament, and some on the T&T National School Boys’ Team, that toured Barbados. These students include Tariq Cheekes, William Edghill, Adam Camacho, Christian Chin, Andrew Phillips, Moses Paul, Hasani Rodney, Jacob Bonterre, Ross Navarro and Deion Smith. This last season has personally been the best experience for me, not only as being the captain but as it’s the last year I have played with the Fatima team. This goes not only for me but many others who also share their last year in Fatima. Fatima has a bright future in Rugby and it seems as though the prosperity would continue on in the following years. Persons interested in joining Fatima’s Rugby teams can attend training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00pm to 4:30 pm.

522467_495236890527571_1275477545_nDeion Smith

Captain of Rubgy Team