Fatima College Track Athletes Excel at Relay Championships and Zonals 2013

Relay Championships

As the busy athletics season continues, our Fatima boys continue to produce outstanding performances. At the National Relay Championships held on February 7th, 2013 the team retained its top 3 ranking among all-male schools after medalling in each age group division. The boys in gold and blue impressed in the under-14 4x200m and 4x100m; under-15 4x200m; under-17 4x100m; and in the under-20 4x100m and 4x400m.

At the under-14 level, the team of David Callender (Form 1-1), Kion Benjamin (Form 1-1), Elisha Taylor (Form 1-4), and Orlando Gomez (Form 1-2) won a bronze medal in the 4x200m event. In the 4x100m race Benjamin, Callender and Taylor were joined by Jonathan Creese (Form 1-1) to earn 2nd spot.

Two more bronze medals were added by the under-15 and under-17 boys. Jeremiah Garcia (form 2-2), Jodian Blackman (Form 1-1), Joshua McMillan (Form 2-3) and Jordan Casimire (Form 1-1) did us proud in the under-15 4x200m. Whilst in the under-17 4x100m relay, Jordan Moses (Form 3-3), Xavier Mulugata (Form 4-3), and Justin Phillip (Form 3-4) just missed out on earning silver.

Our most senior athletes in the under-20 division brought home two more medals to take the total count to 6. Quarter-milers Breon Mullings, Brandon Brown, Nahshon Rullow, and Akil Olliverrie (all from Form VI) finished third in their race. Fatima College retained its #1 ranking in the 4×100 as Dwight Thomas, Abraham Bowen, Breon Mullings, and Alexander Prevatt raced home in a time of 43.64 seconds on a slow Ato Boldon stadium track. Here’s the full thirty (30)-man team at this year’s National Relay Championship

U-14 Callender David U-17 Garcia Joshua
U-14 Gomez Orlando U-17 Browne Nkosi
U-14 Benjamin Kion U-17 Singh Matthaeus
U-14 Taylor Elisha U-17 Achee Alexander
U-14 Creese Jonathan U-17 Moore Tyreke
U-14 Assing Raheem U-17 Phillip Justin
U-15 Garcia Jeremiah U-17 Mulugata Xavier
U-15 Blackman Jodian U-17 Simpson Abraham
U-15 Warner Jordan U-17 Moses Jordan
U-15 Casimire Jordan U-17 Alleyne Kiev
U-15 McMillan Joshua U-17 Otero Keanu
U20 Brown Brandon      
U20 Rullow Nahshon      
U20 Crawford Harlon      
U20 Thomas Dwight      
U20 Bowen Abraham      
U20 Ollivierre Akil      
U20 Mullings Breon      
U20 Prevatt Alexander      


At the Zonals held on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th February, 2013 there were outstanding performances from:


  • Xavier Mulugata who finished second in the under-17 100m and 200m;


  • Keanu Otero, silver medallist in the under-17 800m; and


  • Joshua McMillan who won a gold medal in the under-15 100m


All three, together with Dwight Thomas (Frm 6) will represent the Zone at the National

Championships in March.