Fatima College shines at the International Mathematics Olympiad!

Congratulations to the staff and students of St. Joseph’s Convent POS, having copped the Trinidad and Tobago Mathematics Olympiad Round I Team Prize 2015. Congratulations to the students and staff of Fatima College for their resounding success at the TTMO Awards 2015 having copped the more advanced Round II Team Prize, which meant that Fatima’s combined team score was the highest among all the schools who made it to this difficult final stage. Also, a special thank you to the members of the Round II team which consisted of students from forms 2 – 6 , in particular Alex Navarro, Christian Seerattan, Andrew Scoon and many more  for their valiant and consistent efforts in doing our school proud. In addition, kudos to Alex and Stephen both of Fatima College for representing the College and the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago at the International Mathematics Olympiads in 2013 Colombia, 2014 South Africa and 2015 Thailand