June 2011 archive

Fatima’s Catholic Community marches proud at Corpus Christi Celebrations

On 23rd June 2011, during Corpus Christi celebrations at the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Port-of-Spain) from 8:30-11:15, Fatima students were dressed in dress uniform and present in great abundance. Under the guidance of Fr. Gregory and Miss Annie Gomes-Phillips, it was noted that we had the largest attendance of Fatima persons ever …

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Skateboarding- Some students’ new way to strive!

Skateboarding has become a growing and thriving tradition in Fatima College. Although the skaters in Fatima are few in number, we still enjoy our luncheon interval and after school sessions a lot . Personally, I was inspired to take up skating when I entered the college, all those years ago in Form 1. I distinctly …

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Form 6’s Volunteer to Build a House!

“Bright and early on Saturday the 18th of June, several of Fatima’s Upper six prefects found themselves at the school’s compound. These boys had not forgotten which day it was, nor were they attending lessons, but in fact were there for a much more altruistic cause. The select few were volunteering their time and energy …

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