September 2013 archive

Congratulations to our scholarship winners 2013!

Brendan Hatch Open Stephen Yearwood-Davidson Open Marc-Sebastian Camacho Additional Jean-Louis Deveaux Additional Krystoff Kissoon Additional Levi Mahadeo Additional Akil Olliverrie Additional Yvan Pierre Additional  


CHRISTMAS TERM MONDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER –FRIDAY 13TH DECEMBER 2013 (15wks)   AUGUST 2013 Thur.29th              Teachers return to school Fri.30th                  Teachers return to school SEPTEMBER 2013 Mon.2nd               Term 1: School re-opens:7.30 am-2.20 pm DRESS UNIFORM Mon.9th                                Annual General Parents meeting: 3.00 pm-4.15 pm 13th,14th,15th           Fatima Old Boys Association Concert: Exalt ! Tues.24th              Public Holiday: REPUBLIC DAY …

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Student Progress Report Sessions

2013/2014 Christmas Term Session 1 Monday, 2nd September-Wednesday, 25th September, 2013 Session 2 Thursday, 26th September-Wednesday, 23rd October, 2013 Session 3 Thursday, 24th October-Thursday, 14th November, 2013 Christmas Term Exams