Fatima College Blood Drive 2013

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Fatima College at the NAAA National Cross Country Championships

“The Fatima College Athletics Team participated at the NAAA National Cross
Country Championships on Sunday, 27th November, 2011 an event that brings together the best athletic teams in the country. The race took place at The Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain from 2:00 p.m. with our athletes competing in the under-15 and junior male (15 to 20 years) categories…”

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Invitational Development Track Meet 2011

“The inaugural Fatima College Invitational Development Track Meet took place on Sunday 20th November, 2011 at the Fatima College grounds. Over 80 athletes from six (6) schools participated at what is expected to be a regular fixture in the secondary schools’ athletic calendar. Budding first and second formers, together with more established high school track athletes…”

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World Youth Chess Championships

Joshua Johnson of Form 2 represented Fatima College and Trinidad and Tobago at the World Youth Chess Championships in the Under 12 Open Category this November. Overall there were 132 participants from different continents of the world. He won 6 out of his 9 matches, putting him in 21st position and resulting in a tie for 14th position.  The Fatima family is proud of and extends congratulations to him.

HNC and Fatima Parang Performance- National Junior Parang Competition 2011

Congratulations on receiving the Teacher of the Year Award Miss Poon!

“I was very surprised, I know I’m a good teacher, my students affirm that I’m a good teacher but I know there are so many better teachers out there who do so much more… I’m glad I did it for Fatima College. Fatima College teachers work very, very hard,” – Poon-Wildermuth.

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Fatima’s Catholic Community marches proud at Corpus Christi Celebrations

On 23rd June 2011, during Corpus Christi celebrations at the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Port-of-Spain) from 8:30-11:15, Fatima students were dressed in dress uniform and present in great abundance. Under the guidance of Fr. Gregory and Miss Annie Gomes-Phillips, it was noted that we had the largest attendance of Fatima persons ever for this occasion!

Everyone marched around Independence Square, praying the rosary in a procession, after the mass conducted by Archbishop Edward Gilbert. Catholics from all over the country flocked in their numbers, outside the cathedral to celebrate the Eucharist as the body of Christ. Even our Fatima’s scouts were donning their uniform (some who recently underwent investiture) to commemorate the event. As tradition dictates, six Fatima Form 6′s along with 6 Holy Name Convent girls carried the canopy over archbishop as he walked with Eucharist…

A detailed account can be found at THIS LINK

Fatima’s Spelling B and Maths Competition!

Chad for Spelling Bee

“As another year of Form 6’s graduate, new Upper six prefects, attempt to fill their shoes bringing new ideas to embody the ethos of a “prefect.” The four students directing the 2011 prefect body, namely Chad Wallace, Christian Roberts, Stephano Ollivere, and Nicholas Williams have thus far lived up to these expectations and evidence can be attested in their conceiving the idea of a Spelling B and Maths Quiz….”




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Fatima Student Highlight: Skateboarding!

Skateboarding has become a growing and thriving tradition in Fatima College.Although the skaters in Fatima are few in number, we still enjoy our luncheon interval and after school sessions a lot . Personally, I was inspired to take up skating when I entered the college, all those years ago in Form 1. I distinctly recall admiring the senior students with their skateboards doing all sorts of tricks. I then made a promise to myself to practise and get as good as they one day. Many years later, I can say that I have lived up to my dream and I am quite proud of my skills thus far. I know that there is much I can and will improve on in the future but I am glad to know that I have achieved one of my dreams in life!

Full article on skateboarding at Fatima College can be found at: THIS LINK

Form 6′s Volunteer to Build a House!

“Bright and early on Saturday the 18th of June, several of Fatima’s Upper six prefects and students found themselves at the school’s compound. These boys had not forgotten which day it was, nor were they attending lessons, but in fact were there for a much more altruistic cause. The select few were volunteering their time and energy and journeyed into rural Trinidad, where they aided in the first steps of building a new home for a less fortunate middle aged couple… Full article and photos at this link

Fatima Student Highlight: Upper 6 Artists!

In this article Fatima College would be highlighting two of it’s 2011 Upper-six artistically-gifted students: Derron Arrindell and Che Yallery who have distinct personalities and art-styles.

At Fatima College, there are numerous talents which aren’t in the spotlight simply because there aren’t much media for them to shine in our culture. As you must have realized from viewing many of the pages on the website, Fatima is inundated with a vast array of talent and thanks must be given to God! One of these talents is that of art. Not everyone has the eye for meticulous details in paintings, drawings and the passion for harnessing this skill, but Fatima College has several persons whose works cannot be described using words. Some pieces of art are so extravagant that a photograph of it,still doesn’t capture it’s magnificence!

Full article can be found at: THIS LINK

Fatima College- victorious Under-14 and Under-17 rugby teams!

During the 1st week in June, the Digicel Schools Rugby Football Union awards function was held at Fatima College, Mucurapo to congratulate our Rugby teams for an excellent job in their last season! Black presented the awards to the victorious Fatima College Under-14 and Under-17 teams. Under the guidance of Coach Wells, Coach Edghill, Coach Chin and Coach Kaka the U-14 andU-17 boys snapped up both titles at the 2010 Digicel Schools Rugby competition with victories over Belmont secondary and Tranquility Government Secondary, respectively, at Fatima College grounds.

Adapted from Newsday’s article on 12/06/2011

Also check out the Rugby section of the website which includes a detailed recollection of the journey to victory by two Rugby players as well as information on how to join the team. View at:

Fatima is North U-15 & U-17 cricket champions!

Fatima College’s cricket teams have done it again in the Secondary Schools Cricket League’s (SSCL) North under-15 knockout final in St Clair on June 2nd, and on June 9th for the North under-17 title as well. Having defeated both St. Mary’s College and St. Anthony’s College, our Fatima boys are keeping the flame of Fatima burning on the cricket field.

A detailed account of Fatima’s U-15 and U-17 achievements can be found atTHIS LINK

Fatima is only Secondary School Team at NAAA!

On Saturday 4th June the Fatima Track Team participated in day 1 of the two (2) day NAAA National Juvenile Championships. Our team continues to be the only secondary school team in the country to participate at NAAA meets which is testimony to our commitment to development of the young athlete. The boys (all aged under 15) participated in the 100m and 200m individual races as well as the 4x100m relay. We congratulate the team of Joshua Garcia (Form 1-2), Zachary Gonsalves, Justin Phillips (1-3), and Graeme Felix (2-2) who placed 7th in the 4x100m final and we thank them for their effort. Also at this meet Xavier Mulugata (2-3) was crowned National U-15 100m Hurdles Champion and placed second in the 100m finals.
Well done!
Further information on athletics can be found at THIS LINK

The Allen Prize for Young Writers – Success for Fatima!

In 2010, a competition was held for young writers in Trinidad and Tobago ages 12-19. It was set up by a not-for-profit organization that registered just a year earlier, called the Allen Prize for Young Writers, and as the name indicates, this organization is absolutely dedicated to seeking the interests of the youth in our twin-isle nation who share a deep and profound interest in the arts of creative writing… In the Junior group, the prize for Fiction was awarded to a fellow student of Fatima College, Krystoff Kissoon of Form 5, as well as the grand prize of Junior Young Writer of the Year.

Read his experience at THIS LINK

Fatima’s Under 14 cricket team wins!

On Friday 20th May, the  2011 Cricket Nationals Under 14 held at the Cricket Centre Couva. In this clash, Fatima College batted against Presentation College Chaguanas. Fatima College proved victorious under the guidance of Captain – Haffiz Emamalie. The Best Batsman title went to Daniel Brown (52 from 51 balls) who also was given the title of Most outstanding Player. With this, our college has claimed the title of the Under 14 Cricket National championship.

Form 6 students donate blood

“It was my birthday. I turned 17 on May 5th 2011, and though I didn’t really feel different it was the minimum age requirement for one to be able to donate blood. The blood drive at my school, Fatima College, was on for sixth formers and teachers, but when granny said…”

Read a student’s experience at THIS LINK

On May 5, 2011 the Minister of Health Therese Baptiste-Corne visited Fatima College for a blood donation exercise by students of Fatima College at the Audio Visual Room, Fatima College Grounds, Mucurapo Road, Port of Spain. As most persons are aware, there is currently a shortage of blood at the public health care system in Trinidad and Tobago. It stems from the abolishing of the “Chit System.” Health Minister Therese Baptiste-Cornelis said the Government wanted to discontinue the chit system because “there was a lot of illegal sale of blood chits for as much as $1,500 a pint, there was the sale of bogus chits and a large portion of the blood collected was found to be unsuitable.” She added that the chit system was “not in keeping with WHO (World Health Organisation) standards.” Baptiste-Cornelis said the new system, which was introduced by the ministry recently, “had not given the desired result. 

Full article can be found at:

Fatima dominates Design-build Bridge

On the Jan 15th 2011, the 3rd annual Secondary School’s Bridge Building competition was held. Fatima students- Kai Gormandy, Adrian Imbert, Jhryl Francis, Jovon Jacob, Johnathan Xavier, Joshua Warren donned the colours of our College and were required to construct a bridge of macaroni, glue and string able to span a gap of 450 mm. With the average length of this stick of macaroni being 300 mm our students were expected to conceive innovative ways to span the gap.

This unique competition was co-ordinated by: the Institution of Structural Engineers, in collaboration with the Association of Professional Engineers of Trinidad and Tobago (Apett) and the University of the West Indies (UWI). 2011 was the first time that Fatima College entered the competition, but nevertheless we were well represented and claimed half of the prizes offered.
Our  college placed first overall in the competition by a huge difference from our opponents and also claimed the prize for teamwork. With this, the students were able to return with several prizes to present to Fr. Gregory and Mr. A. Young. This is testimony that if our Fatima Boys Strive, we can succeed in any field!


The Audio-Visual Department (A.V)

The Fatima College’s Audio Visual Department is the backbone of all public events occurring during the school. Being a member of the department for three years I have experienced all of the “hustle and bustle” to set up equipment: whether it be the early Monday morning rush for the morning’s assembly, or setting up the lunchtime microphone for the commentator of the lunchtime cricket games or even arranging the audio system in the school’s hall for the annual prize giving- the members of the A.V club are always on call to assist.
The senior members Kareem Kasmaly, Nisham Jaimungal, Christopher Sharpe and many others can all agree that this department serves the needs of this college. Every lunch hour, we have practiced to ensure the smooth orderly flowing of Monday morning assemblies and all other activities throughout the school.
Being in the Audio Visual Department has helped me considerably by developing some life-skills in the field of video-production. Numerous members of our department have sought occupations in this said field by working for the Catholic Network and other TV channels. As a member, we are frequently called upon to install new equipment,  including hooking up the new sound system and as complex as soldering speakers together. I strongly recommend it as an extra-curricular activity as it brings a unique experience to your life at Fatima College.

Written by Nathaniel Edwards

First Citizens National Secondary Schools Water Polo League

Prize Giving Ceremony 2011was held on Saturday 2nd April at 6:00 PM at QRC auditorium.

Fatima received medals and trophies in the following categories:
Infantile Male (Form 1) -3rd place
Junior Male – 3rd place
Senior/Open Male – 1st place
Fatima received “All Star” awards in the following categories:
Infantile Male – Joseph Herrera
Junior Male – Sebastian Van Reeken, Marc Stauble
Senior/Open Male – Ryan West, Rusell Ferreira, Andrew Too-A-Foo

Off Season training:

Fatima school term programme (2 days/week – Tues & Sat, 6pm-8pm weekdays & 2pm – 4pm on Saturdays at Marlin’s pool).
Marlin’s programme (4 days/week – Tues, Thurs, Fri. & Sat, 6pm-8pm weekdays & 2pm – 4pm on Saturdays at Marlin’s pool). Goes through to the end of August, for those boys who choose to join the Marlins Club.

Model United Nations Assemby- M.U.N.A

The Model United Nations Assembly(M.U.N.A) is an annual event in which schools throughout the Trinidad and Tobago attend a one day conference that simulates the United Nations and its runnings to discuss and debate global issues. Eleven form six students from Fatima college took part in this year’s event. Nine student that took part represented a delegation of a particular country and two of them on the head table, who were carded with the responsibility of regulating the day’s procedings. The student’s and their positions are as follows: (1) Students representing Countries:
William Alexander    – Australia
Joseph Gill         – Spain
Kyle Harracksingh    – Italy
Christian Roberts    – Dominican Republic
Matthew Wyke    – India
Ryan Abraham    – South Africa
Aidan Charles        – Sweden
Shane Clarke        -Greece
Christian Kelly    – Austria(2) Students on Head Table:
Andrew Lee        – President
Johann Defreitas    – RapporteurThis year’s M.U.N.A was an unforgettable one as our Fatima boys were prominent figures in the day’s activities. They were  involved in passing successful resolutions that even world leaders today cannot agree on. They were able to successfully remove the threat of nuclear weapons from the world and secure world peace and make serious ground in combating the human- trafficking trade that plagues the world. Our Boys kept the flag of Fatima college flying high while being educated on the intricacies of the United Nations. If you would like to participate in next year’s M.U.N.A contact any member who participated this year or speak to Miss Duff.
Written by Christian Roberts & Christian Kelly

Art displayed for Form 1 PTA is the talk of the town

Last year for the Form 1’s Parent-Teachers Meeting, some art was displayed for public viewing. Students were asked to submit their pieces and the standard recieved left both parents and teachers yearning to see more! One student who teachers still speak about, to this day is none other than Campbell Scott. This present Form 4 student studies art for CXC but the quality of his work is far beyond his level. As you would have expected he has a deep passion for art, hence the reason he opted to peruse it as an academic study. He prefers abstract work to the typical realistic pieces to which he said, “Things that look too realistic don’t interest me.” When inquiring who his favourite painters were he swiftly stated: “Rothko, Picasso, Raphael, Bernini, Rembrant” as international artists. And in the next breath he indicated his regional favourites were: “Glenn Roopchand, Michelle Tappin (who teaches him), Bunti O’Connor and Carlisle Harris.” Fatima college is bursting with talent ranging from sport, to arts, to academics. Indeed, we are one of the premiere boys institutions.

Interviewed: Campbell Scott

Universal Scrabble Players Association’s Open Tournament

The Universal Scrabble Players in Association with Chagaunas Borough Cooperation hosted an open Scrabble Tournament on Sunday 9th of October 2011. 15 students participated. Prizes are as follows:

Category Name Form
Most Bonus Words Mattew Wong Sang 4
Most points gained from a word with the letter Z Brenden Persad 1
Highest Points scored with the letter Q Romario Solomon 2
Highest Single Play Romario Solomon 2
1st Place Junior Category Brenden Hatch 6


Scrabble Team Members

Annual Prize Giving Ceremony

Prize giving is an annual event, usually occurring on the second Wednesday in November, in which the college celebrates all the achievements it has made in the last year. Students from every discipline whether it be sport, arts, academics, or community service,  once they have excelled they will be acknowledged. These students at Fatima College …

St. Dominic’s Childrens’ Home Annual Christmas Party

2011 On Sunday the 18th of December, the proud prefects of Fatima College and Holy Name Convent gathered at Holy Name Convent’s hall at 10 a.m. to put the finishing touches on our preparations to host the annual Christmas party for the lesser fortunate children of the St. Dominic’s Home. Not only does this venture …

Gifts of Blue and Gold (Christmas Concert)

Gifts of Blue and Gold, a concert displaying the numerous artistic talents throughout the college, has now become a new tradition to the halls of Fatima. This production, showcasing the various groups such as the senior choir, pepper pot production’s Drama students, steel band ensemble, and incorporated students form 1’s through to 6. The idea …

Carnival Competitions

The Fatima College Carnival Show was an initiative revitalized in 2008 by the staff members and students of the College. The event was previously one that featured a Calypso/Soca competition among the musically talented students of forms 1-6. However, in 2008, it was decided to extend the annual Carnival Show to include a mas aspect …

Fatima Mayfair 2012


Mayfair 2012 Mayfair 2011

Career Day

Fatima Career Day was held on Tuesday 3rd May for the Form 3 students.  Father Gregory began the event at 7:45am with a welcome and a prayer in the chapel.  Ms. Poon, a teacher at Fatima College, kept the boys’ interest as she addressed them on the essential career of Teaching. Our Feature Speaker, Mr. …


Form 5 Graduation 2010 – Program: Form5-Graduation-2010