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Career Day

Fatima Career Day was held on Tuesday 3rd May for the Form 3 students.  Father Gregory began the event at 7:45am with a welcome and a prayer in the chapel.  Ms. Poon, a teacher at Fatima College, kept the boys’ interest as she addressed them on the essential career of Teaching.

Our Feature Speaker, Mr. Derrick Lewis, ignited the students in an enthusiastic and vibrant manner as they lisitened intently and actively participated in discovering the career of Events Management.  His Communications Manger, Mr. Colin Greaves, past student of Fatima College, enjoyed interacting with the boys and challenging them to understand that every academic subject was tied to the planning and production of an event. In the end some students even volunteered their services to Mr. Lewis, in the hope of gaining valuable experience in the pursuit of their dreams, of one day following in his footsteps into the career of Events Management.

As the boys settled back into their classrooms, the volunteers from the Fatima Parent Support Group organized the speakers for each class for the 40 minute periods.

Form 3-1 had the great benefit of listening to Dr. Judy Gobin, a Marine Biologist, Mr. Raul Poon King, Architect, Mrs. Karin Hatch, Child Clinical Psychologist, and Mr. Keith Scotland, attorney.  The boys were full of energy and their questions and desire to learn  reflected this enthusiasm.

Form 3-2 were reluctant to let their speakers leave as they were so enthralled in the respective presentations of Mr. Nigel Reece, Financier and Accountant, Mr. Phillip James, Engineer, Mr. Bernard Long, Chef, and Dr. Charles de Gannes, Veterinarian.

Form 3-3 wished that their presenters could continue for the afternoon period as well because they really enjoyed learning about the different careers of Mr. Phillip James, Engineer, Dr. Derrick Lousaing, Orthopedic Surgeon, Mr. Richard Ahong, Musician, and Mr. Roger Navarro, Information Technology and Businessman.

Form 3-4 managed to control their excitement and noise level as within an entertaining atmosphere, they gained knowledge about Advertising from Mr. Glen de Verteuil, heard about the joys of flying from Captains Fong Yew and Ragbir, both Pilots with our national airline, discovered the interesting field of Sports Management from Mr. Hayden Newallo and finally, were able to understand a little about Trinidad’s primary source of income, our oil and gas supply from Geologist, Mr. Robert Welsh.

The presenters were able to enjoy refreshments in the cool and comfortable Parlour behind Father Gregory’s office as they renewed old friendships, many of them being Fatima Old Boys.  They stated that they had thoroughly enjoyed the students’ questions and interest and that they would be willing to speak again at the 2012 Fatima Career Day.  They also added that any student wishing more information on a particular topic, was welcome to contact them by either phone or email.

Although Career Day ended at 11: 55 am before the lunchtime period, Father Gregory, planned a very special surprise visit that occurred at lunchtime on the following day, Wednesday 4th May.  All the Form 3 boys were gathered in the pavilion in the playing field to be greeted by the noise of a National Security helicopter, as two pilots and other Sautt personnel visited the boys so that they could do some hands-on learning about the exciting career of becoming a Helicopter Pilot.

The 2011 Career Day seemed never ending as one of the Airline Captains, Captain Rodney Ragbir, very kindly extended an invitation to all the Form 3 students to experience being in a Flight Simulator at the Pilot Training Facility at Piarco.  This field trip is tentatively carded for the last week of school when final exams are finished.