“Teachers nurture the seeds of today so that they may blossom into the fruits of tomorrow.”

At Fatima college, we have a high caliber of teachers that sculpt the minds of our students and produce well rounded, emotionally sound men who can confidently lead our nation tomorrow

Back Row (I-r): Mr. Maharaj, Mr. Samuel, Mr. K. Seemungal, Mr. Jaggernauth, Mr. Mahadeo, Mr. Garnes, Mr. Peterson, Mr. Marcano, Brother Collin Jackson, Mr Greene, Mr. Noel, Mr. White, Mr. Seignoret, Mr. Brooks, Mr. Mc Master, Mr. Wells
Middle Row (I-r): Mr. Reece, Mr. Mason, Ms. Roberts, Ms. De Gale, Ms. Douglas, Ms. Manuel, Mrs. Branker-Felician, Ms. Lee Ahyen, Ms. Mahelal, Mrs. De Silva, Ms. Rattan, Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Moniquette, Ms. Bedase, Ms. Cumberbatch, Ms. Khan, Ms. Romeo, Mrs. Bansraj, Mr. Samaroo, Mr. Berment
Front Row (I-r): Ms. Moses, Ms. Habib, Ms. Churaman, Mrs. Dyer, Mrs. Maharaj, Mrs. Harricharan, Mrs. Bejai-Thompson, Ms. Duff, Fr. Gregory Augustine (centre), Ms. Ali, Mrs. Poon, Mrs. Ramdass, Mr. A. Seemungal, Mr. De Gale, Mr. N. Cooper, Mr. De Souza, Ms. Vialva, Mrs. Samlal
Missing: Ms. Ollivierre, Mr. Mahabir, Ms. D. Dyer, Mr. Wolfe, Mrs. Gomes-Phillips

Civil Service Staff

Library Staff Ms. Y. Warrick Ms. R. Laidlow Ms. R. Mohammed Clerical Staff Ms. M. Romain — Clerk III Ms. S. Narinessingh — Clerk/Typist Ms. L. Bobb-Charles — Secretary Holy Ghost Fathers’ office Staff Ms. Joyce Montano Mrs. Elisabeth Pouchet-Dell Technical staff Mr. D. Garnes — Chemistry Lab Assistant Mr. L. Quan — Biology Lab Assistant …

Principal and Vice-Principal

Principal Fr. Gregory Augustine The year 2013 marks the 150th Anniversary of the Holy Ghost Fathers presence in Trinidad. We are not only marking an anniversary but we are also reflecting on our mission. The words dynamic, exciting and challenging can be used to describe our life here at Fatima College. How does this environment …


Mr. D. Brooks — FORM 1 Mr. A. Seemungal — FORM 2 Mr. S. Seaton — FORM 3 Mr. J. Greene — FORM 4 Mr. St. De Gale — FORM 5 Mr. K. Noel — FORM 6

Heads of Department