Parent Support Group

Fatima College

Parent Support Group


“What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing.”
~ Aristotle.


The academic years 2016-2018 have been full ones and the activities of the PSG which have been instrumental in bringing the Fatima family closer together.


I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve as President of the Fatima College PSG (2016/18) and feel very fortunate and honoured to be a part of this dynamic school community.  With a hardworking Executive Committee, we have been able to accomplish many goals and it has been a pleasure to be a part of the experience and thrust of the team.  We are also privileged to have a dedicated, willing and generous membership comprising parents and past-parents that truly care about our children’s well-being.    


The Role of the PSG

The PSG works in tandem with the Principal and Staff in achieving the school’s objectives including:

  • Fundraising (via corporate and/or individual sponsorship)
  • Event co-ordination
  • Communication
  • Volunteering of physical assistance

In order to achieve these goals, the PSG seeks to:

– act as a communication conduit between the school and home, via a Class Rep Coordinator and team of Class Representatives

– encourage parents to participate in the College’s events and activities which has proved to be positive reinforcement to students when they see their parents get involved

– speak on behalf of our children in the school, in the wider community, regarding decisions affecting our children.


PSG Executive Committee Members (2016-2018):

President                                                                               –  Marlon Rahim                                               

Vice President                                                                       –  Seamus Hamel-Smith                                              

2nd Vice President                                                                 –  Aimee Batholomew                            

Secretary                                                                              –  Lisa Newallo                                       

Assistant Secretary                                                               –  Simone Sabga                                                     

Class Rep Coordinator                                                          –  Jo-Ann Traboulay




Annual Events assisted by the PSG



Fatima 5K Run/Walk:

This event has grown tremendously over the years with almost a 90% attendance.  It is the start of the sports season and all houses rival for the top 20, 100 and greatest house participation awards – a great way of bringing the parents, siblings, friends and the young men closer.


Gifts of Blue and Gold (GOBAG):

GOBAG is now in its 9th successful year and growing in both popularity and talent featuring the many talents of Fatima College students and with the collaboration of the Holy Name Convent girls in a joint choir. The PSG helps in the area of backstage hands, makeup, refreshments for the cast and crew, student supervision and with the Form 5 parents, the running of the bar.



PSG Meet and Greet

It won’t be the same without spreading a little cheer at Christmas time.  At the last PSG meeting for the year, there is a sharing and socializing among the Principal, Teachers and Parents.



Sports Day

Fully organized by the school, the PSG assist with the starting and finishing lines, scoring and running the bar. Full proceeds of the bar go towards prizes at the Carnival Celebrations.


Carnival Celebrations

Another event which has taken off nicely is the annual Carnival celebrations.  The talented Fatima boys vie for prizes in pan, ex-tempo, calypso competitions, to name a few.  The PSG is responsible for assisting with décor, requesting and obtaining attractive prizes, including cash, electronic devices, vouchers, etc.



Career Day:

Career Day was totally revamped in 2015 into a full Expo showcasing the areas of interest that the students suggest.  It targets the Form 3 students, and is designed to assist them in deciding the subject areas they should choose towards their future career paths. The PSG tasked with seeking a myriad of capable and knowledgeable human resources to share their intellectual capital with the boys in specific areas of study.  This is in the form of few speakers and many interactive booths.




The annual Mayfair is the school’s major fundraiser, and the PSG is entrusted in helping the school in many different areas including the Disco and Fun Events (eg bouncy castles, mechanical bull, etc).



Student Orientation:

This is the first forum of meeting the new parents and the PSG jumps into its full PR role.  The Class Rep Coordinator fields the data and obtains volunteers to serve as Class Reps and/or PSG members.


Why Join the PSG?

Fatima College PSG is a volunteer group of parents working together to promote and assist in some aspects of the College and in keeping with the school’s objectives. There’s no question that children perform better when their parents are involved both at home and in school. Grades and test scores climb. Self-esteem grows. School improves.

In this light, the PSG warmly welcomes the participation of all parents, grandparents, guardians – all the wonderful folks who care for and about Fatima College students.

We look forward to another successful year!


Best wishes.


Marlon Rahim

PSG President (2016/18)