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Class Representatives


The Class Representative body’s objectives are: –

*            To collate and disseminate information that promotes school activities, particularly pertaining to our sons’ class. In this way parents, teachers and administration can work more closely together to provide a positive environment for our boys.

*            To assist with various events and activities as they arise during the course of the year e.g. Mayfair, Career Day, Sports Day, and Extra curricular activities.

*            To share ideas and plans that will develop the College;

*       To encourage parents to get involved and to foster respect for the rules that govern the College;

*            To foster community spirit within our class and between classes of the year group to ensure that our sons appreciate their peers and their successes.

*            To maintain accurate contact information for all the parents in our class so that they can be reached in the event of an emergency, as well as for general communication.


Form 1-1
Elizabeth Alexander

Form 1-2
Carla Escalante
Nicole Freakley
Jacinta George

Form 1-3
Myra Lou Hing

Form 1-4
Wendy Hosein-Teelucksingh
Franchesca Vazzana



Form 2-1
Odette Amow
Glen De Verteuil
Helen Tolaram

Form 2-2
Jillian Hutchinson
Marissa Johnson

Form 2-3
Samantha Rochard
Nicole Mansoor

Form 2-4
Alicia Vieira
Melisa Pashley



Form 3-1
Gabrielle Camacho
Usha Debideen

Form 3-2
Karen Dookie
Joelle Fuller
Mark Gill

Form 3-3
Shoba Ganess
Rosanna Price
Christine Maingot

Form 3-4
Delores Richards
Christine Ragoobar



Form 4-1
Toylan Arneaud
Jacqueline Allamani
Jennifer de Lima
Joy Benjamin
Yvette Creed
Ian Cournand

Form 4-2
Karin Hatch

Form 4-3
Juliet Pantin-Newallo

Form 4-4
Marcel van Reeken
Arlene Smart



Form 5-1
Shelley Brash

Form 5-2
Carla Ferreira

Form 5-3
Gwen Lue Chee Lip

Form 5-4
Marlon Rahim

Form 5-5
Lori Anne Williams-Scott