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Address from the President of the Parents Support Group

June 22nd 2011

As we come to the end of another year in the life of Fatima College, it is my view that our thoughts should reflect on the events of the year and our successes.

Our Parents Support Group has been very active this year and we would like to thank all the parents that have continued to provide support, especially the class representatives and all who contributed in any way they could.  Special thanks must be extended to Ms. Carla Ferreira who has worked tirelessly as the secretary to get all the minutes of the meetings out, as well as to communicate and co-ordinate all activities to the various groups involved in the school.

Ms. Gwen Lue Chip Lip has worked tirelessly to provide homework support and rostering to the rest of the group who have been involved and we appreciate all this hard work.

As we thank the parents for support, we would like to specially thank our Principal, Father Gregory Augustine, the teachers and deans who all tolerate our activity. Hopefully, they have come to accept us as being part of the norm for the school.

Our usual events, which we are partly involved in, have all been extremely successful this year and these are inclusive of the Christmas Concert, which was originally carded as a graduation concert to provide funding for the form five school leavers’ graduation. However, it has now transformed into a school event, with the last concert extended over two days.

The annual 5k event has become very well attended with participation by students from all the forms. We have had an extremely good experience at the Carnival party which is put on by FOBA to whom we are ever grateful for their financial support in all our activities.  The Mayfair, though it has been changed in its usual offerings of activities, has yielded a good turn out and a substantial fundraising contribution.

To all the efforts made by the parents and the invitees to the Career Day to try and guide our direction for our Form three students, we give you immense thanks.

Fatima College continues to make strides in all areas of extracurricular activities and it would be remiss of me not to mention our most prestigious achievement for this year: the introduction of track and field and our entrance into the Penn State Relays, which we have qualified to return to next calendar year. It was quite a tremendous achievement and experience for all involved.  Special thanks go to Mr. N. Cooper for his contribution in effort and time in getting us to the event.

It must be noted that besides our usual good showing in most of our extracurricular sports in the zonal and national cricket leagues from under 13 to under 17, we have made an extraordinary clean sweep and on this note, we must make a special mention of Mr. Paty and Mr. Carew for all their hard work and effort in order to achieve the objective. Our swimmers, water polo teams, rugby teams and football team continue to have excellent showing in all local and international competitions they enter.

In the curricular forum, we continue to work tirelessly with the teachers and deans and principals to try to improve and create academic excellence. As we come to the end of the year, we have our CXC form five students sitting their exams as well as the CAPE students; we wish them all the best and we are hoping for improved and better academic results every year and that they will continue to strive to achieve the best academic results possible.

One of our greatest achievements for this past year has been the introduction of the website online .  This has been fully introduced approximately two months ago.  This has been a Herculean effort in terms of getting it done.  It has been in the making for the better part of five years and we have finally gone online.  The success means that the information that is being disseminated from the school, the principal, the teachers, and the PSG can be posted on the website.  This makes it convenient to all and on that note, we need thank the people, without whom, it would be unachievable, particularly Ms. Beverly Wilson, Ms. Danielle Basheer, Ms. Natasha Subero, Mr. Aidan Gregoire and Mr. Nehemiah Edwards, who was recently employed to help assist in getting the website up and running.

This offers a further dimension for communication between all the stakeholders and, therefore, we urge you to start using and visiting the website as regularly as possible so that we can join the rest of the world by capitalizing on digital technology.

If the coming year is a reflection of our past year, we assume that we will continue to do better. We have to all work together for the betterment of our boys and make sure all our stakeholders in this endeavor have a common objective.  We hope that we can encourage participation by all parents who have boys at Fatima College to try to help contribute towards making our College one of the most prestigious in the island.

We, therefore, pray to our Lady of Fatima to bring joy, blessings and success to all associated with this great school and look forward to a bigger, better, brighter future for the coming year.

Mr. Derrick E. Lousaing


Term 2’s address 2011

The PSG comprises of parents of past and present students, all of whom have one common goal and that is to create all-rounded boys who will be successful in life, despite the paths they choose.

The PSG’s focus has been to complement the efforts made by the Principal and the teachers of the school, in order to aid, not only in curricular but in extra-curricular activitities, in any way we can. This is represented from the dispersing of information by the Class Representatives and the supervision of homework after school, to the school’s sporting events and Mayfair.

Our main focus at recently, has been the Mayfair which was held on 1st May 2011 and this serves as an appeal to all parents to come out in your numbers to assist with time, effort and donations to create a successful event for each Mayfair.

This event is the main fundraiding activity in the second term which provides financial support for several of the renovations and new activities that you may see or your children may speak about. Therefore, the combined effort by all involved can only bear significant returns in terms of shaping the future of our boys.

May God bless you all,
Derrick Lousaing