Prefects at Fatima College

The prefect body of Fatima College 2011 is goal driven and highly motivated. We are leaders, role models and not policemen. We have all the students’ best interests at heart. We bring logical reasoning, practical thinking and feasible ideas to the forefront. Our vision is to take Fatima College to greater heights by uplifting the ethos of the school in all facets which is underpinned by our motto ‘Nintendo Vinces’…. By striving we shall conquer.

The prefect body is by all means tremendously enthusiastic with the sole intent being to foster three significant qualities not only amongst the prefect body but the entire school population during our tenure as prefects. This would be exceptionally difficult but with some commitment and dedication it’s quite possible, especially with the willpower and mindset this prefect body possesses. These three significant qualities are as follows:

  1. Respect
  2. Brotherhood
  3. Guidance and Development


We look forward in working with the teachers and students as we strive to continue keeping the flag of Fatima College flying high!

-Chad Wallace
Head Prefect