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Fatima Sea Scouts, currently lead by Mr. Garvin De Souza for over 10 years, has successfully embarked on countless ventures since it’s inception in 1952. Scouting has always been more than an extra-curricular activity, as every last of its endeavors are geared towards instilling the quality of leadership in the minds of Fatima’s young males.

Recently, it has acquired an Etchells 22, a sail boat, and with the financial aid of the owner and support from Peak’s, life has been breathed back into it.

They have also acquired foreign aid from the sailors of the Fleet 24 Etchells club in the United States who have benevolently given 2 spinnaker sails, 2 jib sails and 1 main sail. After donating these additional apparatuses, they even visited to further help out where needed.

Fatima Sea Scouts has also made a down-payment on a dragon boat which they know, will help them reach the thrones of glory in our country’s dragon boating competitions. In recent years, they have come very close to grasping the title as they were crowned 2nd and 3rd place in the school’s regatta in 2009 and 2010 respectively!

Our scouting group has grown over the years and proof is at our boat house in Chaguaramas, there are five two-man kayaks which we use on camps on Monus island. This boat house also contains two lazer hull sail boats: one that is ready for launching and another that is in the process prefabrication.

In 2009, our scouts participated in the Chancellor Flag competition placing 2nd on their first entry. Unfortunately, they have not re-entered to claim the 1st place prize as yet.

Fatima College’s scouts venture into various hikes around the island and camps whenever we God permits. They also practise knot tying and pioneering: building using bamboo, rope and special lashings to combine the bamboo pieces for preparation of equipment such as eating tables, kitchen tables, a lean-two (tent) , fences , shoe racks, foot scrapers, gateways and much more!

In closing 1st Fatima Sea Scouts would like to highlight their motto of, “Ad astra per aspera”: reach for the stars come what may!


Check out their fb group at:1st Fatima Sea Scouts Troop