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Within the last academic year our Scrabble Club had undergone many changes.
Ms. Marin, who was the Scrabble coordinator for as long as I have been in the school and who has given tips and practise techniques to lead the team to its achievements thus far, retired last year September. This left myself, Brendan Hatch, as well as Stephen Hernandez as captains and Ms. De Silva as as the new co-ordinator to steer the scrabble ship into new, deeper water . Admittedly, it was quite a challenge for Stephen and I to balance our CXC preparation with recruiting new members, teaching and training them for tournaments as well as all the paper work involved but we persevered.

Despite all the hindrances, we managed to get some enthusiastic members and participate in the National Secondary Schools  Scrabble Championships 2010 where we performed quite well. Almost everyone made it to the finals with myself placing 1st, and Nathaniel Edwards placing 2nd in the north zone senior category. It was a memorable and rewarding  experience for us all.

Furthermore, our form 1’s participated in the First Citizens National Schools Scrabble Tournament this year and gained much experience and new friends which would lead them to more successful ventures in the National Secondary Schools competition.
I thank all those who participated and continue to do so and if anyone else would like to join please see Ms. De Silva, Stephen or myself for more details.