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Fatima places in Top 10 for CAPE subjects!

Brandon Bodie – Top 10  in Caribbean – French Unit 1

Matthew Wyke- Top 10 in Caribbean – Geography Unit 1
Nathan Edwards-Top 10 in Caribbean – Geography Unit 1

Anton Ali- Top 10 in Caribbean – GMED Unit 2

Anton Ali- Top 10 in Caribbean – GMED Unit 1
Darnel Gains – Top 10 in Caribbean – GMED Unit 1
Jameel Huggins – Top 10 in Caribbean – GMED Unit 1
Jovon Jacob – Top 10 in Caribbean – GMED Unit 1
Kai Gormanday – Top 10 in Caribbean – GMED Unit 1

Alexander Fraser — Top 10 in Caribbean – Physics Unit 1

*Full list of all the top 10 students for each subject can be found at THIS LINK


List of our College’s National Scholarship winners!


Nehemiah EdwardsOpen scholarship
Anton AliOpen scholarship

Additional Scholarships
Alexander Fraser
Anthony Thomas
Kodi Lourenco
Lawrence Henderson
Matthew Benjamin




Additional Scholarships
Dike Ramdeen
Ethan Wyke
Jelani Baptiste
Johnathan Ramsaroop
Stefon Khan
Zsak Vincente


Some people think it is almost impossible to win a national scholarship. They think that you need to eat, sleep and dream school work! Trust me, that is not the case. For the majority of my last two of years at Fatima College I could have been described, at best, as an average form 6 student. Most of my grades were decent, some good, and others horrible. It seemed I was destined for an average score on my CAPE examinations. So you’re probably wondering how I won a scholarship in the Modern Studies category. The answer to that is simple. You only really need two things to win a scholarship, some determination and, more importantly, a goal to work towards. Something you want, somewhere you want to be in your life. Something that is important to you. You need to decide if getting a scholarship can help you reach that goal. If it does and you’re determined to reach it, then you’re all set. The rest is easy, much easier than you would think.

The first, and most important thing, is to pay attention in class. I just had to actually try to understand, in class, what my teachers were telling me, instead of just taking the notes and telling myself that I would look them over later. That made revision much easier closer to my exams, because I didn’t need to re-teach anything to myself, just to revise what I already understood. Near exam time, therefore, all that was left for me to do was look over some past papers and their solutions and train myself to answer some of the questions there. In the end, most of my work was done in the classroom. I tried never to leave a class without understanding most of what a teacher had taught. So you see, my story isn’t one of relentless, 24 hour studying. I didn’t eat, sleep and dream school work. I had a lot of fun in form 6. Football at lunchtime, liming with friends, I went out and partied, I enjoyed myself. But through it all I simply had a purpose, a goal that I was working towards and a little determination to do what I had to. I would like to say that I never could’ve done anything without the support of my family, my teachers and, of course, God. I pray all the time and could not be where I am without His help. I’d like to thank all of my teachers, all throughout my seven years at school and especially my form 6 teachers.

In closing I want to tell you, that it’s never too late to decide that you want to do better, as I said before my marks throughout form 6 weren’t all great and that didn’t change until very close to my CAPE examinations. I still had enough time to turn it around, and so does anyone else wanting to do the same thing. Just remember if you shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land on the stars.

Anthony Thomas-

National General Additional

Studied: Geography, Physics, Mathematics, Caribbean Studies, Communication

I entered Fatima college in 2003, and saw myself as an average student no more or no less than those who entered into the school with me. Eight years later, here I am, a recipient of a national Open Scholarship, and my views of myself have not wavered. It is my belief that I am still an average person, especially when compared with my fellow peers. Therefore, I thank God for all my success, for with him nothing is impossible! I also thank my mother, Father Gregory, my teachers and my fellow peers for shaping me into the person I am today. I will like to add that it is not difficult to achieving your dreams. The key is to obtain the right mind set and never loose sight of God in ascertaining your goals.

Anton Ali-

Open Technological Scholarship

Studied: GMED, Physics, Mathematics, Caribbean Studies, Communication

Students forget that they must believe in themselves in order to do well. Without faith in yourself and in God then sadly saying you won’t accomplish what you may want to do in your exams or in life for that matter. So, take that leap of faith, believe in yourself and you will conquer all the goals that you set out to achieve. You must set dreams and goals because you have to know where you are going to. Once you have done this the next thing to do is to actually set out the time and remain determined to your studies. Trust me, nothing is better than when you get that CXC/CAPE slip knowing you did your best but also nothing is worse than knowing you didn’t try. It’s your future, only you have the power to change it. With keeping that in mind I hope you make the right choices so that in years to come I will be seeing Fatima College soaring high in not only academics but in every aspect of school life.

Kodi Lourenco-

National Science Additional

Studied: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Caribbean Studies, Communication Studies.

My steps to attaining a scholarship

  • Set a goal – Think positively and always try your best to work towards your goal. Optimism leads to success.
  • Get to work – Achieving anything is life is never an easy process, you need to put in the time and effort needed to reach your desired goal.
  • Pace yourself – While some may think studying eight hours at a time may be the best method, for many it is NOT. Be sure to take frequent breaks when you feel stressed or drawn back by the work and never try to study constantly without sufficient rest. Once your body is relaxed and fit to work, so too will be your mind.
  • BALANCE! – Be sure to maintain a balance in life such as sport, entertainment and social activities while still maintaining a sufficient amount of work. Balance and time management, as you will learn in the soon future, is the key to any aspect of life.
  • Keep contact with the almighty – While doing all of the above, NEVER forget to seek your spiritual being for guidance and support for he will never let you down and will guide u along the way.

These simple steps will be enough to get you the success you wish to achieve in attaining a national scholarship. However it requires strength, determination and endurance in mind body and soul. And always remember to put everything in the hands of the supreme one.
“ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Lawrence Keston Henderson

National Technological Additional

Studied: Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Caribbean Studies, Communication Studies.

Dear Fatima Brothers,

Have you ever heard the saying; “Do your best and God will do the rest”? If not, I’m glad to take this opportunity to share one of life’s simplest yet most powerful motivational statements that I’ve adopted as my mantra. This adoption came after I won my scholarship in 2009 when I gained evidence, so to speak, that the message in this statement was true.

While in form 6 I dreamt of being a scholar and of the pride that I would bring to myself, my family and of course, my school if I was to win a national scholarship. But, to be quite honest, I never imagined that I had what it takes to pull it off. Thoughts of the fierce students of St. Joseph’s Convent and Naparima Girls’ High School made me feel powerless. I felt as though I could never be as good as they since it was my sincere belief that our classes, teachers and resources were no match for theirs.

As time passed these feelings of inferiority began to undermine my self confidence and efficacy. I hated feeling the way I did – disempowered. It was then I decided to try a new “life policy”. This was to strive neither to be a scholarship winner nor be THE best but rather strive to be MY best. This new “life policy” of mine was highly endorsed by my form 6 life coach, Mrs. Nalini Harricharan.

And that, my brothers, was all that I did. I strove to be my best and as it turned out ‘my best’ was enough to win me a national scholarship. God truly did do the rest! Please, not for one second think that I was some sort of genius. I was never super bright. However, I will admit that I was super dedicated and I believe that dedication is the most important quality that a student aiming for the stars could have.

My friends, as Fatima Boys you are blessed with teachers who are just as good as those in the so called ‘prestiguous schools’ that win numerous scholarships every year. I’ll confess that I realized this only after getting my CAPE results but it does not have to be so for you. The teachers are yours to take advantage of so please do take advantage.

I’d like to take this opportunity to formally thank my teachers; Mrs. Clerk (for your kindness), Mr. Garcia (for your patience), Mr. de Gale and Mrs. Maharaj (for your dedication), Mrs. Habib (for all of the aforementioned J) and of course, the greatest teacher of all; Almighty God (for my scholarship).

Best Wishes,
Your brother,
Jonathan Ramsaroop

National Science Additional

Studied: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Caribbean Studies, Communication Studies.

At present, the government is giving its Secondary School students hundreds of thousands of dollars as incentive for students to study their work at C.A.P.E (Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Exam)! In doing so if, a person studies assiduously enough to obtain an additional scholarship, they will be given funds to study at any UWI campus as well as living expenses of roughly 2500 dollars monthly. The additional school also covers the costs of perusing medicine at St. George’s in Grenada. Furthermore, if a person were to attain an open scholarship, they would have access to funds to study at any university in the world! For instance studying at the Royal college of Surgeons in Ireland costs a quarter million every year for the 1st three years and a subsequent half a million for each of the last two years. That accumulates to over 2 million dollars when the living expenses are taken into consideration. All of which will be given simply for excelling in C.A.P.E (which you need to do anyways to get into a top university.) If the seemingly endless money isn’t an incentive, you are almost guaranteed a job to give back to the country when you return. This is coupled with the prestige of writing that you obtained a national scholarship, on your resume and applications, which universities view as a positive attribute when considering admissions.
Each person may study differently from another but my study techniques for CAPE were:

  1. To answer the objectives in the syllabus by transcribing it from, notes & textbooks and then learning them. Examination boards should not ask something off the syllabus and even if they do, almost no-one would get it correct anyways.
  2. Attempt as much past papers as you can gain access. Especially the multiple choice as patterns can be found in the questioning and some repeat.
  3. Study in groups. Not only do you consolidate what you know when you explain to someone else, but it allows persons to ask you questions you may never have fathomed. Thereby, giving you a more comprehensive grasp on the topic. (Not to mention the great altruistic feeling you get for aiding another Fatima student).
  4. Pick the subjects you like for when you are happy you are only then motivated study.

Most importantly, trust in God as through him all things are possible. In closing, I would just like to add to always aim to do your best. I never expected to get an open scholarship but I aimed to do my best and studied diligently to reflect that. Once you do your best, no-one can question that. Never short change yourself as you may grow to regret it later in life.

O’ level (8 ones, 2- A’s and 2 – II)     A’ Level (10 distinctions)
English A                                                        Mathematics (U 1 & 2)
English B                                                        Physics (Units 1 & 2)
Chemistry                                                       Biology (Units 1 & 2)
Biology                                                              Chemistry (U 1 & 2)
Add Math                                                         Caribbean Studies
Computer Studies                                     Communications Studies
Nehemiah Edwards-
National Science Open
Studied: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Caribbean Studies, Communication


Full list of our College’s National Scholarships can be found at: THIS LINK